The Flags

Benson Honor Flags is a service that displays the American flags on holidays in front of your business, residence, or on Fourth Street. Rotary, Benson Clean & Beautiful, and Boy Scouts formed this service to… continue reading The Flags

The Trees

Though known greatly for the murals, Benson clean and Beautiful has planted a large number of trees at both the park and the Benson School.  These trees serve as a symbols of growth and hope… continue reading The Trees

The Murals

Please wander through our murals and learn about the city of Benson, a little of its history, and what makes it a nice place to live. ​Before Benson was founded the fording of the San… continue reading The Murals

The Trash Cans

Throughout 4th street in Benson you will find lovely trash collection receptacles, these cans offer yet another way for residents and visitors to keep our city clean and beautiful.  Sponsor and locations to be posted… continue reading The Trash Cans