Benson Clean and Beautiful FAQ

1)What is Benson Clean and Beautiful? Benson Clean & Beautiful, is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 dedicated to beautifying Benson. Our current focus is outdoor wall murals, but several other projects are being studied for viability.

2) What is the focus of the murals? The murals focus on historical items of interest for the city of Benson and Cochise County to publicize the rich and diverse history of our area. Murals may depict important people or events that have had an impact on local history, or showcase our diverse desert flora and fauna. We will not sponsor logos or business names in murals,but arrangements may be made for a business to bear the cost of including a logo or business name in a mural.

3) What is the general process for getting a mural? We work with an individual or a business to create an idea for a mural. The idea is given to our muralist to create a colored rendering, which is then presented to Benson Clean and Beautiful and the requestor for final approval.

4) Who approves the mural? The only approval required for a mural is that of Benson Clean and Beautiful and the requester.

5) How much does the mural cost? At the present time, the cost of a mural is $10.00 per square foot. Prices may vary due to the complexity of the mural or an increase in the cost of materials and/or labor.

6) How is Benson Clean and Beautiful funded? We are funded by community donations, businesses, grants, and individuals.

7) Who pays for the mural? The mural is paid for by Benson Clean and Beautiful and/or by other sources such as an individual or a business.

8) What is the benefit of a mural on my building? A mural will add value and beauty to your building, attract new customers, and increase revenues.

9) How long will the mural last and what maintenance is required?After the murals are painted with an outdoor specific paint, they are coated with a UV & fading protection clear-coat paint. The only maintenance required is the reapplication of the UV clear coat every two to five years to preserve the vivid colors of the mural. The sale of our mural guidebooks help offset the cost of maintenance.

10) What is being done to publicize the mural? Every mural will have a plaque prominently displayed listing the mural sponsors. Advertising, signage, and brochures are being developed by Benson Clean and Beautiful and its partners.